Fences & Gates

Metal fencing and gate constructions in San Francisco

Creative Iron Arts specializes in the construction of metal fencing and gates. Whatever your intended location – may they be playgrounds, schools, homes or graveyards – we have the tools and expertise to render your artistry to exactness.

Get what you want

We’re committed to working with you, within the borders of your imagination. No matter what you have in mind for a metal fence or gate, we can custom design it for you. Tell us what you want and the skilled craftsmen at Creative Iron Arts will create it.

Fenced-in and loving it

Situated around a pool, the front yard of a house, a schoolyard, a burial plot – fences don’t just have to be safeguards. We create attractive metal fencing options that are sturdy enough to withstand the forces of nature while still adding a great deal of artistic panache to any location it encircles.

Security in style

Gates add an extra level of security to a community or area, and Creative Iron Arts has been custom building them for 25 years. Whatever you need gate-wise, be it manual or automatic, trust us to deliver it.
Contact us at (510) 910-2175 for all your metal fencing and gate needs!
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